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This topic blog monetization can never be overemphasized because everyday people come up with different methods and tricks on monetizing a blog. It is actually through that some people are bloggers just for the passion they have on writing and interacting with people online and its also true that most people are blogging just to make money. Whatever your aim of blogging is , just know that the best motive is having passion for blogging and at the same time trying to make cool cash from it.

So many bloggers so far have written different articles on making money from a blog. Some actually got it right although one can not actually discuss all the points in making money from a blog in a just a single post. In the same way most bloggers on their verge of telling readers how to monetize a blog may end up confusing you either by telling you that its very easy  and when you actually finds out that its not actually easy you might end up abandoning your blog.

Sincerely, blog monetization can indeed be easy and at the same time very difficult depending on how you approach it. I said so because it might be easy for you but at the same time difficult for another person.  Just as you can see that there are people who are actually millionaires through blogging but there are also people who start blogging with them but they are still nowhere to be found in the blogosphere. But nevertheless, let me just go straight in discussing the ways you can start monetizing your blog.


There are several ways of making money from a blog which you can apply to start making all the time you spend in your blog count. Am going to discuss as many as possible and if you really deem it necessary to start making money from your blog, don't ever get tired of reading this post to the end and asking questions if necessary in the comment section.
Some of the ways of monetizing a blog that am going to discuss below are the methods that I and many other bloggers have applied and it really worked for them. So try as much as possible to make it work for you as it did for so many other internet millionaires  and bloggers.


This is now one of the most recent ways of making money from a blogger. In fact, it is the main reason most people are coming into the blogosphere. Most producers or marketers open blog not for the love or passion they have for blogging but just for the sole aim of marketing their products and also creating awareness for their goods and services.

You can actually start making money today from selling your products in your blog. There are different ways of selling products in a blog which range from just putting pictures of your products with their prices and leaving a contact information which may include ; Address, phone number, Email address, an so on  to building a standard online store with online and offline payment system. Whichever one you can do is OK , but the main thing is to make the best profit you can out of it.

There are so many different kind of products you can exhibit and sell in your blog like if you are into catering, you can display picture of you the Cakes you made like wedding and birthday cakes , you can also display products like beads, wedding gowns, different types of clothes both male and female clothes, phones, tablets, computer, modems, cars, houses for sale, wrist watch, belt, wrist bands, clippers, perfumes, cream, powder and so on.  There are actually numerous of of products you can sale online if not all of products.

You can decide to make your online presence big by even conveying the products to the buyer upon making payment or adopt a pay on delivery system where the buyer makes the order and makes payment once you get the product to him/her.

Selling of product online has indeed helped a lot of people succeed online and I believe it will help you too. But if you don't have any product to sell on your blog or you think you can't do it successfully, then not to worry because I still have  other methods to be putting food on your table just from your blog.


Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting the sales other people's products. You can do this by registering with the host company as an affiliate marketer or just publisher to promote sale of their product either in your blog or social media. When someone actually buys a product through you , the company pays you a commission for the sale made.

There are different ways you can promote products in affiliate marketing which include affiliate links, banners,text adds, writing of reviews, recommendation etc.

When you register as an affiliate marketer with any company, you will given an affiliate link or banner code with your affiliate link in it. You are meant to place the banner somewhere in your blog and when someone buys a product from the company by clicking through your banner or link , you are played a commission. The amount of commission played depend on the company you are working with. Some pay 10%, 5%, 20% while some pay upto 50 to 70% percent of the cost of the product purchased. The good thing about this is that for every product purchased through your affiliate link you are payed.

You can also increase the sales through you link by writing review of the product sold by the company and encouraging your readers to buy from the company through your link.

Some of the affiliate marketing company include Commission junction, jumia, konga, jiji, etc


There are basically two ways you can make money through advertising in your blog which are
* Through ad networks
* Through direct advertising.


You can register with online ad networks to  publish advertisement in your blog and get paid. These ad network are paid by companies and brand owners to act as middle men in advertising their their goods and services in blogs and websites worldwide. The company actually pay to the ad networks and they in turn pay you for displaying the advertisement in your blog or website.

Most of this ad networks pay you for each click on the advertisement placed in your blog by your readers. When you register with an ad network, once you are approved, you will be given a unique ad code to place in your website or blog to displaying your advertisement. Once any one clicks on the banner , you will paid by the ad network. Note that they all have advanced technology design to track when you click on your own ads and might be banned when caught clicking on your own ads simply to increase profit.

Some of the Ad networks include AdSense, medianet, bidvertiser,Addynamo, etc. This last one actually pays you just by registering and shortening the URL of your sites  in their system.  Click here to register a now and start adding URLs and be paid .


This entails people paying you to directly advertise their products and services in your blog without any middle man or ad network involved. This is a very big way of  blog monetization. When you have enough readers and followers in your blog , that is high traffic , companies will always want to pay you to advertise on your blog or website. Even other websites or blog owners will also like to increase the traffic in their sblog by advertising in your blog.

A good example is the advertisement you see in the footer of this blog.

The amount being payed to you for each advertisement is now left for you to decide unlike in the previous one where the ad network determines the amount you are payed. To get people advertise on your blog ,create a page telling people to advertise on your blog and also leaving a banner of put your ads here in your blog and then once you have gotten enough traffic in your blog, people will certainly start paying to place ads on your blog



I decided to discuss the sale of ebooks as a separate way of monetizing a blog instead of including it in sale of products because selling of ebooks don't just give you money only through the sales but can still give you money through other ways. I know you are surprised to hear this. Anyway that is why I decided to discuss it alone to help you understand how to start making money through the sales of of ebooks.

When you have a unique idea of something or that there is something you can do very well which many people needs to learn and can't easily find where to get it easily. All you have to do is to take it as a great chance to put some cash into your pocket. Just put it in writing as an eBook and publish it for sale in your blog with a price tag and you see people paying just to get a copy of it. Always make sure that you ebooks worth the money you are being paid else it will tarnish you and your blog's image and restrict you from making money online .

Apart from selling this ebooks at your given price , there is still a way you can make money from your eBook which is the main reason I decided to discuss monetizing a blog through ebooks as a separate subheading. That way of making extra money through your eBook is placing ads on your ebooks by uploading it to and allowing ads to be displayed beside your eBook.

When you upload your eBook to , you have the right to display your AdSense code in the download page of your eBook or if you don't have AdSense account before, you can apply for AdSense account directly from your dashboard. After applying, wait for approval and then you start making extra income from your ebooks. I know you are amazed by this because am here to always amaxmze you with engaging and mind blowing contents. So go right away and start publishing your ebooks. But if you can't make an eBook, that is not a problem. Just contact me or Click here to see the list of things I can do for you to become a full time online money maker.


see how to make money from sponsored posting : detailed post
According to SUE ANNE DUNLEVIE in , she described sponsored post as a blog post which you are paid to publish on your blog. It may be written by you or by the advertisers. 

A sponsored or payed post maybe a form of product review telling your readers the usefulness of a particular product. The owners of the products actually pays you the blogger to publish such posts about their product on your blog and at times leaving a link to their page or website in the post."> CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW TO GET SPONSORED POSTS FOR YOUR BLOG

You as the blogger will charge a certain rate for sponsored post in your blog and once a brand pays the stated amount you publish his/her sponsored post .

With all the above discussed methods of monetizing your blog , I know you must have learnt two or three ways that will be suitable for you to monetize your blog. 
If you have other ways of blog monetization, kindly drop it in the comment section for others to learn but do not spam.

In case of any question or suggestions, use the comment box and I will reply you immediately.

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