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How to become a successful online entrepreneur

The internet is a platform for both big and small business opportunities these days. Its really a bad thing to know that most people today spend whole day on the internet doing nothing. I know you might be wondering how someone could actually be online doing but its the real truth because when someone is busy without achieving anything then he or she did nothing. Just as it is clearly stated in physics that work is done when force moves a body through a distance in the direction of the applied force, same goes to the internet.

The internet wasn't just meant for meeting, chatting, watching videos, pictures and what most teenagers today do online which is surfing pornographic sites. Indeed this above stated reasons were not the only reasons the internet was created. Although  stated that "The concept for the Internet, also called the World Wide Web, was developed in the early 1970s by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA. The agency launched a research campaign to find effective ways to link computers to facilitate the exchange of information". Today, this effective ways to link computers and facilitate the exchange of inform is now milking income into so many people wallet.

As you relax at your home dedicating your precious time and money into chatting, sharing , liking and commenting on posts online and in social networks, many others are using this same space of time to make a living from the internet. It might interest you to know that most of the richest people in the world are making a living out the internet. Somebody like mark Zuckerberg the founder and CEO of Facebook  even someone like Bill gate the owner of Microsoft and many others but you choose to just chat, share and like articles online and at the same time helping others generate income."> How to make money online today by sharing posts to social networks

I think it will be a great step into success if you start today to think of ways to start your own online empire. I know you will be wondering how can I do that but this article is here to tell you to worry less and concentrate more. As you read this article down you will indeed see proven ways to be an online entrepreneur and a successful one at that.

What is an Online  entrepreneur

An online  entrepreneur  is an owner, founder or a manager of an internet based business who takes risks and uses initiative to make money. As you that presently, there is a high rate of unemployment especially in some countries in Africa which maybe due to high population, lack of resources, biased government officials, and lack of skills to be self employed. 

In tackling this problem of unemployment, we should be in mind that self employment is the best solution and one can only be self employed if you have the passion and skills or eager to acquire the skills.

So as an online entrepreneur, am writing this article to teach you how to successfully become self employed online. Follow this guide carefully and ask questions where necessary.

Steps to becoming a Successful online entrepreneur

Just as the popular say that Rome was not built in a day,  You don't just wake up and become an owner of a successful online business. You really have to take some steps to make it online . These important steps that will lead you to building a great online empire is what am discussing below.

• Identification of passion

Before you venture into any business or activity, you really need to have great love and passion in it to succeed. When you lack interest in something you will always find it very difficult to succeed in that thing because you can never put in your best into that thing. The problem we have today is that most people find it hard to know their passion and that's why they end up making mistakes. I once hard hard such challenge but am glad I discovered on time and thats why I want you to also discover yours on time.  There are so many online businesses one can venture in, but you really need to follow your passion to be successful.

How to make money online using your Facebook account

To know by our passion your have to ask yourself this questions:

• What are your hobbies?
• What are the things you always find yourself doing even if you don't want to do them?
• What are the things you like talking about
• The lastly, if you were you do be doing something for the rest of your life without being payed, what would that be?

After asking yourself those questions, provide answers to each of them . You must find a particular thing occurring twice as an answer to the questions and you may also see a question with two or more answers. Don't worry , just pick the ones that occurred mostly as the answers and start writing out things you know about them and how they can generate income to you. The one with the highest points is likely to be your passion so go with it.

• Acquire Skills

When you have discovered your passion and ready to go with it, then you are as good as a successful entrepreneur because a problem know is half soved. So lets go directly into acquiring skills to be a a successful online entrepreneur. There are different ways of acquiring skills which include
Hiring a professional to teach you
• Learning online for free or paid
• learning from books if available and so on.

The skill to acquire depends on your passion. If your passion is on web design, blogging , affiliate marketing, Freelance writer, App developer, Online shop owner or internet marketer,  or other tacticts in making money online then you can actually learn from us . You can also learn other internet businesses elsewhere in the internet but always be careful of scammers. You can telle the online business you want to do in the comment section and I will give you a good place on online resource to learn it from.

• Deveope your skills and ideas

Once you are true acquiring the necessary skills needed to be successful in your chosen field, then move straight into developing those skills and ideas you drafted when choosing your passion.

Developing your skills involves using the skills you were thought to generate income and also developing more skills yourself. Developing more skills is just the best way of extending your tentacles online and becoming an online millionaire.

• Monetize your Skills and ideas

The main reason for acquiring and developing of your skills is to generate income. So you don't even need anyone to tell you to monetize your skills. There are different ways can monetize your skills depending on the type of skill you acquired so  don't ever rely in one way to generate income.
How to make money from a blog

If you have any suggestion on how to be a successful online entrepreneur, you can drop it in the comment box or add a backlink to the post in your blog but don't copy this blog.
You can also drop your questions in the comment box and I will reply you immediately.


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