Friday, 4 August 2017

The social media way of growing a business

The relevance of social media in starting and growing a business this days is undoubtedly very high. So, to build a business one has to consider seriously the social media approach of growing business.

To rightfully apply the social media approach of growing business in your business, certain key points have to be taken note of and adhered strictly to to get the best possible result. 

Way to grow you business using social media

•Use all social networks:

In promoting your business with social networks, non of the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, whatsapp, LinkedIn, etc should be left out. This is because your potential customers are there in all the social networks. Don't ever have the feeling that less number of people visits this social network while higher number of people are in the other and you decide to forget the one with little traffic. Even though more attention should be paid to the network with higher number of participant, the less traffic ones should also be put into consideration when doing social media promotion. Promote in because all of them have a value to add to your business.

•Create and join social media groups:

Social media groups is one of the best ways of promoting a business. Create or join groups on Facebook, whatsapp, Google+, etc that is related to your business and promote your business there. Also join other discussion groups whether relates to your business or not and send posts of your business in the group but do not spam. In joining groups, consider groups with higher number of participants and share posts regularly on them.

•Create social media pages for your business: 

Social media page like Facebook page is a strong tool to bring together your business patronizers or potential customers to a place. After creating your page, its your duty to invite fans to your page by promoting the page and inviting other users of that social network. In this page is where you post and let them know of new things in your business and the things you do. Your social media page just like your business website or blog is a place to announce the presence of a new product or services in your business. So create and maintain a good social media page for your business and watch it grow your business.

•Use paid campaigns for your business:

Social media paid ads like twitter ads, Facebook ad, instagram ad etc is a sure way to getting know by wide range of people who don't even know you before. When you make a post on social networks, its only visible to people that know you or those that's following you, but when you use a paid campaign to promote your business, its automatically visible to people who you don't even and those who don't live near to you. This is on of the best and most widely used means of promoting a business using social media.

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•Time Your posts:

Time is one good thing that must be considered when growing a business with social media. To consider time is to know when to post and when not to post. To know when to post, you need to ascertain at what time your fans or followers react more to your posts. Once you know this then publish your posts at that time you that your fans will be online. You can also post other times but important post should be made the time you know most of your followers or fans will be online.

•Be consistent in Your posting:

Consistency in your posting means posting regularly without break. This doesn't mean you should be posting every minutes or hour but at least once a day or twice in a day . This makes your fans have you in mind all the time because whenever you make a post on social media your fans knows you are still there and would always call on you when they need your service or product. Even when you don't have a new thing about your business to write about, just keep them to yourself with other things like question and answers, jokes, etc.

•Optimize Your Posts and image for social media:

Optimizing your post for social media involves so many things. To get best results out of your social media post follow this points:

- Write short and good post so your users wount get board when reading long posts
- Make your images catchy and detailed, so when one sees it, he/she have know the information you want to pass
-  when posting in your blog, make good meta description as it aids indexing in social media and also when you share your post on social media Its part of what they see.

Follow this guide duly and you are sure of a good business growth

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